Valued Opinions Scam – Brutally Honest Review Exposes The Truth

by lucas131 on October 30, 2012

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Valued Opinions Scam

Valued Opinions Scam

Valued Opinions is a website that pays members for completing surveys. Many people already talk about Valued Opinions scam rumors, as more and more members address their concerns and complaints. However, since the program does not require you any money to join and they do not claim any payments from their members, Value Opinions fraud concerns may be a bit exaggerated. There are plenty of Value Opinions reviews online that show the positive aspects of joining such a program.

However, it is a known fact that paid surveys scam businesses are quite the norm on the Internet, so it is best to learn more about Valued Opinions scam warnings, before registering with them.

Is Valued Opinions legit?

Unlike other businesses of this type that are used to operating from the shadows, Valued Opinions seems to be nothing of the kind. The company that supports the paid surveys website is called Research Now, and it is registered with Council of American Survey Research Organization (CASRO), the American Marketing Association (AMA) and the Better Business Bureau. This means that Valued Opinions scam rumors may not be as true as only a Value Opinions review or two are trying to tell you.

How does it work?

Valued Opinions Earnings

Valued Opinions Earnings

The way Valued Opinions work is quite simple. You register – for free – and then you are sent surveys to complete. These surveys are paid with 1USD-5USD and, when you reach 20USD in your account, you can redeem these earnings as vouchers. Depending on the area you live in, you can get vouchers for various businesses in your areas, such as fashion stores and the like. Amazon vouchers are also available, so you are not getting actual money.

One reason why Valued Opinions scam warnings are often encountered on the Internet is because many people say that they are often disqualified for many surveys.

It is known that paid surveys scam warnings are based on the fact that you cannot actually earn a living anyway, by completing surveys from home, because there are not so many reviews to start with.

What are Value Opinions complaints about?

The people that complain about Valued Opinions scam say that it is very difficult to get enough surveys to start with. However, Value Opinions complaints are not resumed to this single concern.

Some people claim that their accounts have been hacked and that they ended up with no money in their accounts for vouchers.

Also, others say that while the company claims to pay for completed surveys in 28 days, they already have pending payments that they should have been released for months.

The fact that it is so difficult to qualify for surveys makes trying to make money with this company quite a long shot.

While Valued Opinions scam accusations may be a bit over the top, it is quite clear that you are not going to strike it big by completing surveys at home. In other words, do not think about quitting your daily job, and focus on completing surveys, because it may never pay off.

Also, seeing that you get to spend at least 15 minutes on each survey, working from home in this fashion does not add up too well. And, if you get disqualified and you do not get any money for the effort and the time put into it, it means that you have every right to complain.

Shared opinions on the Valued Opinions scam

As it happens with any business that is legit like Valued Opinions, there are many shared opinions on the subject. Is Valued Opinions a scam?

Since you do not have to pay anything to join or to gain any benefits with them, Valued Opinions does not scam you for your money.

The worst thing that can be said is that Valued Opinions scam people for their time. However, seeing that getting paid for surveys is not a fit way to make a living, and can be used only as the means for getting some extra cash to spend on low value items, Value Opinions complaints are mostly related to the nature of this activity itself and less with the company.

Value Opinions complaints:

  • Getting disqualified from surveys
  • Long overdue payments

Valued Opinions benefits:

  • A wide range of vouchers
  • Making easy money

So, is Valued Opinions a scam?

This Value Opinions review offers you a panoramic view of what this business is all about. As we have showed you, the website is nothing else but a paid surveys system that works like any other system of this type.

People that point out to Valued Opinions scam accusations do have their right to do so, though. While no Value Opinions complaints have been registered with companies like the Better Business Bureau, this does not mean that they should be overlooked.

The worst that can happen, in case you want to give this business a try is to discover for yourself the Valued Opinions scam. Also, the only thing you will lose will be some time, and nothing else, as you will not be requested to pay for anything from your own pocket.

On the other hand, there are plenty of others that see this as a good opportunity to earn some extra cash for buying a few things online. Such people often care about leaving a Value Opinions review online as a testimonial that money are to be made with such a program.

How about getting disqualified from surveys?

Supporters of the Valued Opinions scam idea often focus on the fact that people can easily get disqualified from surveys. This means that they do not get to earn on as many surveys as they want.

This is a common complaint about paid surveys scam systems. However, the companies asking for the research have every right to choose what kind of consumers they want to focus on. The fact that Value Opinions reviews show that there are money to be made with the system shows that this is not the norm, but the exception.

Valued Opinions scam rumors are now all over the Internet. However, the company has not taken anyone’s money and has paid on a regular basis, which means that it is a legit business that works only as intended.

P.S. Share below your opinion and experience with Valued Opinions.

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Gazzalfc November 16, 2012 at 12:50 pm

Its all about knowing how to answer the surveys.

Every survey that gets sent has a number of qualifying questions. DOB, area, job and a qualifying question. If you answer the qualifying questions right you are then allowed onto the main survey where you will be rewarded no matter how you answer the questions.

I dont smoke but have lied and said I do in order to make that $2 reward

I dont drive but have answered numerous surveys saying I do.

So just get past that qualifying section and you can make a fortune.

Yes Valued Opinions is a scam. But they can be scammed as well


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