Tim Sales Brilliant Compensation – Ninja Way To Destroy MLM Objections

by lucas131 on September 25, 2012

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tim sales brilliant compensation cartoon

Tim Sales Brilliant Compensation cartoon

Tim Sales Brilliant Compensation is a powerful presentation that can help you to remove a lot of common mlm objections like "is it a pyramid scheme?". It's available in CD audio and DVD video version. In just 30 minutes Tim Sales go through how to literally eliminate any resistance your prospects have.

Tim Sales focuses on building a business, not a downline. Being over 20 years in a network marketing industry and generating over $25 million, Tim strongly encourage people to build long term assets.

Tim Sales Brilliant Compensation Breakthrough

Tim in a clear and concise way explains how the person at the bottom have the same income potential as the top. Also Tim goes through how your prospect can make 100x more money than anyone else working same number of hours. Inside the presentation you'll also learn common risks most MLM reps are not aware of them could get you broke in a second.

Who Is Tim Sales?

Tim was serving in US Navy for over 11 years. Within 2 years of joining a network marketing opportunity he started to make $60,000 a month. In the next 7 years he sponsored over 56,000 active reps and made over $1 million per year.

Tim Sales Brilliant Compensation Reviews

Here're couple of most common reviews of Brilliant Compensation.

"This is the best short and precise educational video about Network Marketing."

"I had hoped to use this material to help people see the benefit of direct sales, but it was way too long winded. It took all the way to the end of the tape to actually illustrate the benefit of building a downline. Really not worth the money."

"What I like best about Tim's approach is that he puts things in simple terms for the common person to understand."

"His tool "Brilliant Compensation" is the best tool I own as it helped me to synthesize my guerrilla tactics by allowing me to send emails and send mail to customers of my products and to join my website."

"The animated "classes" were kinda funny at first... but when you realize that there is really good information in there you stay tuned in."

"I would definitely recommend Official Tim Sales DVDs to anyone who wants to learn more about the marketing Industry."

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