FHTM Scam – Biggest Scam Scandal Or Plain Rumors?

by lucas131 on October 22, 2012

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FHTM Exposed In Success Magazine

FHTM Exposed In Success Magazine

Is FHTM a scam? When joining a mlm company, many people expect to earn more money than they would with their regular 9 to 5 jobs, but not many of them succeed. FHTM scam scandals have emerged a couple of years ago, and many FHTM complaints were filed with the Department of Justice, the attorney general’s office and Better business Bureau.

While you may still be able to find one FHTM review or more that will tell you that this business is legit, the legal actions that have been taken against this company show that FHTM fraud rumors could be true.

FHTM scam or not?

In case you are hearing all about how great the program is and you want to join, you need to hear about a few facts related to the Fortune Hi Tech Marketing scam. First of all, what is Fortune Hi Tech Marketing and why are FHTM scam supporters so keen on proving that this business is not legit?

The company was founded by Paul Orberson from Lexington, Kentucky. The purpose of this business, as many FHTM reviews point out is recruiting people to sell goods and services through them. The most important – and appealing – factor of this MLM program is that it promises you to earn a lot of money while doing nothing but recommend products and services such as satellite TV, phone plans and such to those you know.

However, there is a catch and the main reason why FHTM scam news and stories are all over the place. It costs 249USD to join the program, and the other source of your income is recruiting other people and getting them to pay the fee.

Most FHTM complaints are related to the fact that actually, people embarked in the program do not make any money from selling actual goods and services, as it happens with other well established MLM program. The only reliable source of making money is recruiting others, which makes the Fortune Hi Tech Marketing fraud quite a reality in many people’s eyes.

What can this Fortune Hi Tech Marketing review tell you?

First of all, the FHTM scam rumors have been all over the news:

Second of all, many FHTM complaints have been filed with Better Business Bureau, and other important institutions. The scandal involving Fortune Hi Tech Marketing scam has been spiraling downwards ever since, and this is a fact that cannot be ignored.


According to the Fortune Hi Tech Marketing complaints that have been issued, the following are the most important:

This business is a pyramid scheme

  • Representatives make little to no money with selling actual goods and services
  • Unauthorized charges to credit cards have been made to some people enrolled in the program
  • What negative Fortune Hi Tech Marketing reviews point out, showing that FHTM scam rumors are true, is that the company only relies on recruiting new people and not on actually selling goods and services like any other trustworthy MLM business.

Legal actions determined by Fortune Hi Tech Marketing fraud

Two government actions have been determined by FHTM scam. In Montana, the company has to pay back almost 1 million dollars to people in this state that have enrolled the program. Also, in Texas, the company has to pay 1.3 million dollars to Texans that have been drawn to the idea of making money with this program.

As with any MLM business, recruiting new people is an important activity, and one that can generate great profits. However, this does not mean that it should be the only one. Unfortunately, by the way things look, the answer to the question: ‘Is FHTM a scam?’ can only be one, and that is ‘yes’.

Unauthorized use of logos

Many FHTM reviews from those promoting the program used to be pointing out that major companies were supporters of this particular MLM program. Travelocity, Verizon and other important names in their respective fields were advertised as partners of Fortune Hi Tech Marketing. However, GE, Travelocity, Time Inc and DuPont sent letters of cease and desist, demanding that their logos should not be used without their permission to endorse this business.

As it may already be clear by now for you, FHTM scam rumors are entirely true. With the support from known companies withdrawn, Fortune Hi Tech Marketing has a tough time proving that it is a legit business.

What do supporters of this program say?

FHTM Leadership Travel Program

FHTM Leadership Travel Program

Despite the FTHM scam scandal that transpired in the media, some people still believe that the program is worth the trouble. They say that Fortune Hi Tech Marketing fraud rumors are nothing but a concoction and a conspiracy of corporate America that does not want this program to succeed.

They also claim that those claiming that FHTM scam rumors are true are only people that have not succeeded in making the program work for them.

However, it is hard to believe that Fortune Hi Tech Marketing fraud news and stories are nothing but a way of trying to undermine this business, designed by the competition. With investigations started all over the country, in various states, and people starting to demand for their money, FHTM scam rumors seem to be entirely true.

FTHM Scam - Is it worth enrolling the program?

The joining fee of 249USD is far from being cheap. Even getting back your initial investment can be quite difficult. Also, since you will be approaching people and try to sell them the actual program and not goods and services, it means that you may encounter a hard time getting new recruits.

This Fortune Hi Tech Marketing review intends to show you things how they are. It is known that some people make, indeed, a lot of money with this program. However, their numbers seem to be low, and the large number of Fortune Hi Tech Marketing complaints cannot be ignored.

By the looks of things, FHTM scam rumors could be true. If you intend to join the program, caution is highly advised.

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b67sh3k38d8 November 15, 2012 at 11:48 am

FHTM is a scam from day one. They have been ripping people off for a decade now. Some of their top people are crooks outside of FHTM and the behavior is condoned and supported by Paul Orberson.
Todd Rowland skipped out of his rent-a-mansion a few months ago to avoid paying his mortgage after 6 months of non payment.
Academy of Excellence trainer – Woodson Gardner is married to ESM Clay Hair who is a convicted child molester and sexual predator.
There are NO morals amongst the FHTM leaders. They will screw anyone they need to to keep the carnival going. If y ou get in their way they will try and destroy you.


j76r5t78tyhvbgf6 November 19, 2012 at 6:25 pm

FHTM always has been and will remain a scam as long as it is run by the 2 losers Paul & Tom. They have NO morals, ethics or business acumen. They are a total rip off.


Shaboom December 9, 2012 at 9:43 pm

You are so right. FHTM operates one of the most shady MLMs today. The business is one huge lie. Beware of this scam.


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